The latest in home energy audit: What’s being done to improve it

Posted November 08, 2018 06:11:54The most recent energy audit of the UK’s homes and businesses shows some improvements have been made to the way energy companies handle the audit trail.

The Energy Quality Audit of England and Wales (EQAEWS) is a major update to the UK Energy Performance Standards, which are the most comprehensive standards of their kind in the world.

The EQA has been put in place to improve energy performance and the energy systems of the nation.

The EQAEWH released the latest audit on Monday, November 7.

The audit showed there were improvements made to ensure that energy audits are carried out on the right footing, and that the energy companies are able to assess the accuracy of their data.

The UK government has committed to the EQA to deliver a better audit trail to improve audit quality and transparency, according to Energy Secretary Amber Rudd. 

The government has set a target of getting 10% of the country’s energy to be made renewable by 2025, but Rudd says she is “not sure” if the targets are achievable. 

“I think we’ll get through the first 10%, but it’s still going to be quite a long way from there,” Rudd said.

“So I think that the targets we set out are ambitious.” 

The EQH also found the Energy Efficiency Assessment of the Government has been “relatively well implemented” with companies spending £8 billion a year on it.

It is hoped the EQH will be able to produce the full report within the next 18 months, but there is no date yet.

 The Government also announced a new £5 billion energy efficiency investment fund, which will help fund projects across the UK.

The EQAH also said the government was committing to investing £6 billion a season into the Renewable Energy Fund, which aims to help create 2 million jobs in the next five years. 

More: “The UK is the third biggest producer of renewable energy in the EU, after France and Germany. 

We have a number of innovative energy sector initiatives that will create tens of thousands of jobs,” Rudd added. 

Rudd said the Government was working with the energy sector to ensure the public has access to the best audit trail data.

“I can assure the Energy Quality Auditors that the Government will make every effort to ensure our energy systems are audited by the most rigorous standards and provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure customers get the best possible results,” she said. With AAP

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