When the FBI doesn’t trust you to know what you’re talking about

The FBI doesn: a report on the bureau’s practice of not telling you what it’s doing when it investigates crimes, and what its tactics are in investigating those crimes.

A recent report from the Justice Department’s inspector general, however, suggests that the FBI is not doing that well.

It turns out that the bureau has a history of not being transparent about its internal audits, and it’s not doing anything to correct that, according to the report.

The inspector general found that the inspector general’s office is “not conducting sufficient oversight” to prevent the FBI from failing to tell you what its audits are, or what its processes are for checking for violations of law.

The report also noted that the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the agency that publishes FBI statistics, is not using the proper procedures to analyze data related to crime investigations.

The IG’s report, which is based on interviews with several current and former FBI employees, does not address whether there is any way for the bureau to rectify the problems identified in the IG’s review.

However, it did note that the report recommends the FBI “improve internal controls” to make sure the bureau is not relying on inaccurate or incomplete data.

While the FBI says that it has “improved its internal controls,” the report says that this is not enough.

In addition, the report notes that the DOJ Inspector General’s Office did not conduct an audit of the FBI’s auditing practices until after the inspector generals office had found that they “did not meet the FBI IG’s standard for ensuring compliance with the Office of Inspector General standard.”

The IG report does not say how long it took for the FBI to complete the audit.

It did not respond to a request for comment.

The FBI has faced criticism for its handling of sexual harassment allegations against several of its officers in recent years.

In April, former FBI director James Comey testified before Congress that he did not know about sexual harassment at the bureau until the women began making accusations.

The bureau has defended its record on sexual misconduct and the number of cases it has investigated, pointing to the fact that it is one of the few agencies to have a sexual assault database.

However, the FBI did not have a separate data repository to track sexual misconduct allegations in the past.

The agency has said that it needs to improve its processes for investigating allegations of sexual misconduct.

The FBI inspector general noted that it had a “lack of information about how complaints are adjudicated” and “there is no process to ensure that complainants are treated appropriately.”

The inspector-general said that there is “a gap” in the data collection of sexual assault cases in the bureau, and that it does not have any system to collect such information.

The Inspector General also noted the lack of training and resources for the field investigators who handle sexual harassment cases, and the lack for “appropriate documentation and monitoring of incidents.”

The IG also found that “there are insufficient staff and resources to conduct a comprehensive internal investigation into the nature and frequency of sexual violence.”

It also said that the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility was not following its policy of not allowing “recruiting of a witness who has previously engaged in sexual misconduct,” a finding that could affect whether the office can pursue a lawsuit against the FBI.

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