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Irish sex audit workers say their salaries are paid from porn audition videos

A sex audit team from the Irish Tax Agency has told a judge that their salaries, and the profits from the auditing work, are paid directly from pornography audition videos on YouTube.

The auditors said they have been paid between €1,600 and €3,400 each time they’ve been audited.

The Irish Tax Commission (ITC) said it could not comment on specific cases.

The ITC auditors also claimed they were paid for the use of a video of themselves engaged in anal sex, which was then used to pay for the work of another auditors to examine it.

The video of the sex act, which is also being watched by the auditors, was also used to hire another auditor to examine the same video.

“I think this is an appalling and egregious breach of trust,” said one of the audit team, who asked not to be named.

“We are a tax audit team.

We are not paid for it, we are not asked to do it, and we are being paid for this by a tax company,” the audited said.”

The tax company knows about it.

They know about what we do.

We do not do any work for them, we just work the porn.”

They said the video of their anal sex was sent to the ITC after it was uploaded to YouTube and the audits were completed.

“What you are seeing is a video with no description.

It is just an image and it is not recorded at all.

The camera does not capture anything,” the group said in court.”

You have seen a video that is not captured.

It does not have any description whatsoever.”

The audited claim the ITCM is not obliged to report the alleged breach of the Data Protection Act, as the company is a tax-exempt organisation.

They also said they had been told by their bosses that the auditor, a senior accountant, had been transferred to a new department.

“They were told that this person was being moved to another department and that was why he was being paid by the tax agency,” one of them said.

The ITC said it did not have a copy of the letter sent by the group to its new boss.

A spokeswoman for the ITCC said it had received the audiators complaint and was investigating.

“We are working with the audiators and the tax commission to investigate this matter,” she said.

“The audiatrix and their management are currently in mediation with the ITCE, which has asked the audiotrix to provide information on the circumstances surrounding the transfer.”

The ITCA has been investigating the allegations since March, when a separate group of auditors complained that auditors had been paid for “sexual” content posted to YouTube in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.

They said they were told the audis pay for their work and that their salary would be sent to YouTube, where it would be passed on to the audiovisual company.

YouTube said it was investigating the claims and that it was not aware of any such arrangement.

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