Why do the auditors look at my exam instead of the medical degree?

I have never been in an audit where the auditing team looks at the medical record and then comes to the conclusion that there are problems with the medical records and therefore should be corrected.

That is just wrong.

That kind of mentality is not acceptable and it is completely unacceptable.

I have spoken to the head of the audit department.

He told me that we have to be very careful about what we look at in the medical files.

That means not only do we look carefully at the evidence and the data, but also we are going to make a judgement based on the evidence.

If the evidence points to a problem, we are to correct that, he said.

If the medical report is not correct, he explained, then it will be corrected before the exam.

The auditing department is a very small organisation, and we need to have the confidence that we can make the right decisions.

I hope that our country is moving towards a more transparent society where everyone is being fully accountable for their decisions.

But the audit process is not the only way that the medical industry deals with its mistakes.

The quality of the data and the evidence also has to be taken into account when making decisions. 

The first time I went to a doctor’s office to see a doctor, I was told to go to a second clinic because they were the best in the country.

I was then told I was not allowed to go there because I was too young.

In a country like South Africa, that would be a very harsh sentence. 

I thought that was an absolute joke, but it is not.

In fact, we have some very brave doctors in our country who have managed to make it through the process and are now doctors themselves.

A doctor, who asked not to be named, said that when she started her practice in 2007, the quality of medical care was poor and the hospital in which she worked was overcrowded.

It was also very expensive and she was not happy with the care she received.

 She was given a referral to a hospital that would take her in and gave me a referral number.

She also gave me an insurance card so that I could use that to pay for the treatment.

She said the quality was good and I was given the best medical care, and then the referral was denied. 

It took a while before the referral turned out to be valid and I eventually received treatment from that hospital. 

What the audit report says about a patient I did not have I do not know because I am not a doctor but the audit said that I did have a small bowel obstruction. 

This is a common problem that people have.

When they are referred for treatment, the medical team must also check that there is a problem and make a decision. 

But this did not happen to me.

The auditor said that it was only after he had given me the referral number and the insurance card that he was told that there was no problem.

The audit also said that he told me about a woman who had a rare genetic condition.

He said that they were waiting for the specialist to see her and that was not possible. 

In the case of the second clinic, he went to another doctor and they gave him the same treatment.

He then went to the third doctor and the specialist went back to his clinic and gave him a referral.

What is wrong with the audit?

The audit was not just an audit.

It had to do with the integrity of the system, he noted.

This is why the system is so complex.

In South Africa there are some very powerful companies and institutions that are involved in the process. 

And it is important that these organisations are not simply taking a fee for a particular medical service.

They should be accountable for the services they provide and they should be held accountable for whether they are providing good or bad services. 

There are many people in the industry who are very critical of the way in which the medical system is run and the way that they are being run by the government. 

These are the same people who are the ones who are taking bribes to get these services and who are in a position to dictate how the medical profession should operate.

They have a very powerful position in the system and if they were to take it away from them, it would be very difficult for them to be successful.

As a doctor who has seen hundreds of patients, I am also very concerned about the audit.

But if we are serious about improving the quality and transparency of our medical records, we need all of us to take a hard look at the way we do our work.

We need to ask the audited organisations how they do their work.

I am hoping that the people of South Africa will be more supportive of this audit and more supportive in coming to a decision and we will see a real improvement in the quality in our medical services.

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