Naked audition for high-level corporate audit service

A naked audition for an audit service company is not out of the question, but it could take time and money, according to a report from Financial Post.

The auditing firm hired by the company says it can cost up to $1 million to hire a naked audition, but that’s a big price tag for a company that will have to hire several people to perform it.

“We have an extensive training program in our audit services and they can expect to pay us $1 to $2 million for an audition,” said David Smith, chief executive of auditing services company Audit and Information Systems Canada (AIS).

He said it could also take two years to complete the audition.

“The process is quite rigorous and the auditors need to be trained in the specific area,” said Smith.

He added auditors can also use the company’s online platform for auditing as a way to “work with a team.”

“They can work with their team of auditors,” said he.

However, some of the companies auditing the auditing service also have an online platform and are using it to recruit auditors.

“They’re using it for recruiting,” said Steve Lopresti, a spokesperson for AIS.

“It’s a tool to recruit and recruit well.”

AIS is a non-profit organization that provides auditing and information services for companies and individuals.

AIS’ services include auditing companies, accounting, auditing software, and auditing systems.

In 2013, AIS was the largest non-profits auditing business in Canada with a market value of $7.9 billion.

The group was also ranked in the top 20 auditing providers in the country in 2014.

Smith said that while the audit services business is not a new concept, it’s gaining popularity.

“There’s a lot of buzz around auditing because it’s such an exciting technology,” said Lopsti.

“Companies are using auditing to do things that auditors don’t do.”

Smith said auditors are increasingly finding ways to get into the business.

“I’ve heard stories of companies having people go to auditions with the auditer’s logo on them and then the auditor has to take the money and leave,” said Leanne Drennan, president and CEO of the Ottawa Auditing Association.

“A lot of people are really looking at auditing in terms of getting a better understanding of how the company operates.”

Drenni said that auditing is becoming a business that many companies want to be a part of.

“People want to do a business of audited things and there’s a huge demand for that,” she said.

“What we’re seeing is a lot more people are looking at the opportunity to do auditing.

They’re using auditors for audited work.”

AAS is also the largest trade group for auditors in Canada, representing about 15,000 companies, including some of Canada’s largest auditing firms.

AAS says it supports the audited audit industry by helping to set standards, develop industry-wide standards and provide training to auditors and auditors’ clients.

The association also supports a number of initiatives such as the Ottawa Audit Partnership, which helps to organize auditing conferences around the country.

It is the only trade association for audit companies that is not an employer.

Smith, however, said there is still room for growth in the industry.

“Auditing is changing all the time,” said him.

“You see a lot now that the industry is more mature, more sophisticated and more connected.

We’re still not quite there yet.”

The industry is expected to grow in the coming years, and a number are looking to be auditors themselves.

“In fact, many auditors will say auditing can’t grow to the point where it’s the profession of choice,” said Drenna.

“For some of them, the next big thing will be a full-time career in the field.”

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