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How to make sure your fake followers and followers audit are fake

By now you may be aware that Facebook has begun testing a feature that allows its “fake” users to automatically audit each other’s posts.

The feature, called “Fake Friends” and developed by Facebook’s real-time data analytics company, Facebook Analytics, allows users to add “friends” to their feeds in a bid to boost engagement.

But as it stands, Facebook has no way of knowing who those fake friends are.

Facebook Analytics has told me that it has no plans to roll out this feature to all users. 

Facebook says that it will use the data gathered by “fake friends” to build better ads and other features for users who use the service. 

But it’s not clear whether that means Facebook will be sharing user data with other advertisers in the future, or whether it will be limited to “fake followers” who have chosen to join Facebook in the first place.

“Facebook Analytics will continue to use this data to enhance our advertising platform and create new features that better align with the needs of users,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Next World. 

“We are committed to improving the quality of our data and our ability to understand the unique behavior of people around the world.

We have built a robust platform for that and will continue this work to build it better for everyone,” the spokesperson added. 

So far, Facebook’s fake-friend audits have mostly been focused on people who have used the service in the past. 

However, Facebook is testing a more extensive and extensive fake-followers audit. 

In the coming weeks, Facebook will begin collecting data from people who “like” or “share” fake posts from the social network, Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook will then use this information to create custom “follower profiles” for those fake followers, which will be able to “manage and interact with each other on Facebook and other social platforms.” 

According to the post, Facebook users who have more than 200 followers on the site can also opt in to this audit, allowing Facebook to identify and target the most active fake followers in the network. 

The social network will also share these profiles with advertisers, who will be encouraged to target their ads to “favors” or followers of “fake friend” users.

Facebook has not said how much it is paying for this information, or if this information will be shared with other social networks, or who will ultimately decide to share the information.

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