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How to prepare for Carrie Underwood audition

How do you prepare for a Carrie Underwoods audition?

Here are some things you should know before you go to the audition.


What is the audition?

You are expected to dress up in a white gown with a blue ribbon in the middle and a red star on the outside.

This is the costume the show is filmed in.

You will need to walk around wearing the same colour as the rest of the cast.


Who is the star of the show?

You should know this as the star is usually Carrie Underbrook, the star, or Carrie herself.

You are supposed to be the one who says, “Thank you!”


Who will play Carrie Underberg?

Carrie will play the lead in the show, which means she will be playing Carrie Underbell.

You should have a friend who can read the script.

If you are not comfortable talking about this, then it is best to find a friend to do it for you.


Where are the actors?

You will be expected to watch the show in front of an audience and sing along with the song “You’re Mine” as Carrie sings.

It is important that you don’t let anyone catch you doing this.


What will happen during the audition and afterwards?

The main thing to do during the performance is make sure that everyone is comfortable.

You can either wear a mask or just leave the room.

Make sure everyone is dressed and looking comfortable.

The actors will then go through a short audition where you will be given your line.


What happens when the audition ends?

The cast will then take turns singing “You Are Mine”.

The first person to finish singing “We’re Going to Be Friends” will win the show.

This happens at around 7:30pm on the second day.


Are there any special rules for the audition, or is it optional?

You must not break the rules.

You have to leave the audition area at the end of the rehearsal and not break any rules.


Are I required to wear a wig, make-up or any other make-ups?

Yes, you are required to have make-outs with the cast during the show but it is optional.


What are the dress codes?

You can only wear white if you are wearing a wig and a white mask.

There are no make- up allowed.


Can I get any extra time at the audition to prep?


You need to go to rehearsal at least twice a week.


Can you wear a prosthetic?

Yes you can.

You must wear a make-out mask, however, it is not mandatory.


What does it cost?

It depends on how big of a budget you are looking for.

For a smaller budget, it may be cheaper to buy some makeup.

You may need to buy a wig or some make–up.

For an extra large budget, you might need to pay for a prosthesis.


Do I need a ticket to the show to be in?

No, you do not need a seat on the stage to be there.

You might want to purchase a seat but it depends on what is in season 1.


Is there anything I need to bring with me?

Yes it is mandatory.


What if I am late for the rehearsal?

You need a pass to enter the audition room and you should arrive at the door by 8:30am.


Will there be any food or drinks provided?

Yes there will be snacks and drinks.

However, you should bring your own.


What can I do if I’m late for my rehearsal?

There are some restrictions on what you can do in the studio.

You cannot go outside, but you can come in and change into your costume.

You do not have to do anything outside, just come in the room and change.

You won’t be allowed to play the piano.


Will the cast members be present during the rehearsal if I can’t come?

No. 19.

What about a guest who is unable to make it?

Yes if they are unable to attend the rehearsal, they can leave early if they want.

However they will not be allowed in the rehearsal room.


Will I be allowed backstage if I do not arrive at 9:00am?

No because the show must start at 10:00 am. 21.

What should I bring to the rehearsal hall?

A wig, a make up mask, a makeup bag, a tuxedo, a camera, a pencil, a recorder and your own camera.


Is it possible to get in early for the show if I cannot attend the audition hall?


There are a few perks for being in the hall at the beginning of the audition if you have booked a spot.

You get to dress as Carrie and sing in front the whole audience.

You also get to meet the show’s cast members for a photo.

You’re also able to take a

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