A new audit tool for quality auditors could help save millions of dollars

The cost of performing quality audits could be slashed if a new audit platform, dubbed Dars, was deployed by audit companies to speed their work.

The startup, which has raised $8 million, is currently testing Dars with more than 200 audit clients, including some of the largest companies in the world.

The platform lets clients conduct quality reviews of the auditing work they do, while saving audit companies a lot of money.

Dars uses a similar tool to standard software, but it is designed to be faster, more reliable and easier to use.

Dars uses the word “auditor” in its name, but that does not mean that it will be a standard audit software for companies that hire auditors.

Darks developers say that it is not designed for standard auditing.

Instead, the platform is designed for audits by teams of people working together in a virtual environment, or “virtual environment.”

Instead of relying on a traditional auditing software to do the work, Dars developers have created a virtual audit environment that can run itself.

The company says that its auditing tools could save auditors up to 80 percent on the cost of an audit.

“The audit process is complicated and expensive,” Dars CEO Eric Zajec said.

“The solution to this is to make it much simpler for people to audit.”

The idea behind Dars is to build a tool that can be used by all auditors and that can do all the work that they have traditionally done. 

Dars will provide a way for anyone with a basic knowledge of auditing to audit.

The tool will also provide tools to help auditors manage their own audits and work with other auditors to make sure their work is correct. 

Dars is a little different than other auditing platforms that exist.

Rather than using a standard software to audit, Darks will build a virtual office environment where the people working on the audit are able to do their work independently, in their own virtual space.

In addition, DARS will provide audit tools for those who are not auditors, like people working in a health care facility or a retail business.

This could help reduce the amount of time it takes to audit a company.

The system will also be used to do business with third-party vendors and for auditing with third parties. 

Audit companies are already using Dars to speed up their work, and the startup is working on adding new features to make the tool more robust.

DARS’ developers say it will cost a little less to audit than other audit tools that are available. 

“We are not going to be using a traditional auditor to do it, but we will be using this tool as an audit tool,” Zajic said. 

There are already auditing systems on the market.

There are other ways to use Dars and Zajcs is building a company that will be able to handle a lot more than auditing for a company of its size.

The platform is also designed to give companies the ability to audit their own employees as well. 

For companies like Dars that have a lot to audit and want to be able for their auditors be able faster, Zajcik says they need to look into building their own audit platform.

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