Which teen porn star is best for your porn audition?

Mashable has published a list of the top 10 teen porn stars in the world, based on their top 15 porn scenes.

The list includes the likes of Lili Taylor, Jinkx Monsoon, Javi Santana, Kylie Minogue, Jada Pinkett Smith, Anika Riley, Alexis Texas, and Nia Jax Jones.

These names are not your average teenage porn star, however, as they all have plenty of acting experience and a plethora of porn scenes to choose from.

These five teen pornstars make for the list of teens who are best for porn audition.

Here are their top 10 scenes.

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Kylie minogue, 22, Teen Girl Squad: Kylie’s sexiest scene is probably when she is stripping down in front of her husband.

This scene is a must-see if you are looking for a teen porn scene to go with your audition.

Kylies scene is one of the most intense in the entire Teen Girl squad.


Nia jax, 19, TeenGirl Squad: This teen porn performer is also an expert in her field, as she’s a porn star and a porn actress.

This one is not for everyone, but it is still an amazing scene that makes for an incredible audition.


Alexis Texas and Jana Pinto, 23, Teengirl Squad: These two are both porn stars who make a great pair for your audition as well.

Both have incredible chemistry and are very sexy in this scene.


Javi Santana, 23 and Jada Smith, 24, TeenGirls Squad: Both of these two girls are very confident in their abilities, as their scenes are extremely well-produced.

This is an extremely well done scene for both of them.


Jinkxx Monsoon and Jodie Sweet, 22 and 23, KISS: These porn stars are so good together, that they make for one of our top 10 Teen Girl scenes of all time.

This girl is so sexy and so naughty.


Anika Travis, 22: Anika’s scenes are one of her best.

She is so hot and sexy and has such a sexy smile on her face.


Niecy Nash, 23: This sexy teen girl is the perfect addition to your audition for a sexy porn audition!

She is also one of those girls who will make you forget about the audition and focus on the scene.


Kyli Michaels, 22.

Kyliyah Michaels is so talented, that it is hard to believe that she is a pornstar.

Her scenes are well-done and she is so fun to watch.


Jax Santana, 21: This porn star’s scenes look so perfect for your first porn audition, as her scenes are so well-executed.


Alexis Tex, 22-24: Alexis Texas is a big fan of anal sex, so you know that she has a great scene.


Niamh C. Dickson, 22 years old, Teen Girls Squad: The porn star with a tattoo of a cock is so pretty, that you would not believe her to be a porn performer.

This porn actress is one to watch for your next audition.


Jodi Santana, 23 years old: This hot teen is the type of girl that you have to know how to love.

She makes you feel sexy and makes you fall in love with her in this hot scene.


Kylia Minogue and Javi Taylor, 20 and 21, Teengirls Squad: When Kylie is on the dance floor, you will be impressed with her amazing ass dancing.

This teen girl makes you want to get up on the stage and have a good time.


Nani Jayalynn, 19 and 20 years old.

Teen Girls: This is one teen porn girl you must see if you want her for your movie.

She has so much talent that you just cannot miss.


Jana Piper, 23.

Jani Piper is one great teen porn actress, and it makes for a great audition for your job as a teen.

She will be your perfect porn star for your upcoming movie.

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