Why Are Fake Fans Being Audited?

Are you a fan of the fake news?

Are you frustrated that your favorite outlets like CNN and Fox News have been forced to pay millions of dollars to settle with journalists for defamation lawsuits?

Are the fake fans you follow and like annoying?

If so, this article is for you.

The fake fans are trying to bully you.

They are trying get you to pay money.

And that’s the truth.

This is what fake fans do.

They troll the news and comment on it with fake followers.

These fake fans can’t possibly be fake.

They just are.

They aren’t people.

They have been created by a company or individuals with an agenda to silence the free press.

There’s nothing fake about a company that sells fake followers to their advertisers.

They’re not trying to create the illusion of fake fans.

They simply want to buy and sell their fake followers, just like anyone else would.

And just like any other company, they do this with a profit motive.

If you buy a fake fan, you’re buying a fake brand.

That’s the way it works.

The way that a company sells fake fans is to use them as a means to get a larger audience and to drive traffic to the site.

If that sounds too simple to you, you’d be right.

A lot of companies are using fake fans to sell advertising space, like in the following examples: Google AdWords, which helps advertisers reach their target audience.

This means that they’re able to reach people who are willing to pay.

Google AdWords ads are also featured on the YouTube homepage and on YouTube’s Google Plus page. 

In an effort to get you interested in their ad campaigns, these companies are able to purchase their fake fans in bulk.

For example, if you buy five fake fans and click through to their YouTube page, you’ll see that the number of likes and comments they receive are more than double the number you’d see on a regular page.

This isn’t just happening on YouTube.

This sort of thing happens on all the sites that offer fake followers and on the entire Internet.

These companies are selling the illusion that they have followers, and they do.

It’s just that the real followers they have are those who actually are fake.

And you can tell that they do because the comments are all negative and fake.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from reading about fake fans, it’s that they are an easy way for companies to create a large audience.

They can pay big money for fake fans because it doesn’t require them to be transparent about their motivations.

This way, the company can say that they care about their audience, but they’re also going to try to make money off of their fake fan base. 

These companies can also sell fake followers by tricking people into thinking they are friends.

In some cases, this can be done by using an ad that shows you a person you know or by using a Facebook ad that features a picture of the person that you are in conversation with.

In a typical case, this fake user is probably just trying to get in contact with you.

You’ll see it happen when you go to a company’s Facebook page and click “like.”

The company will then show you a picture from their Facebook profile and invite you to sign up for their service.

This fake user will then have a friend request that he or she is on the company’s service.

They’ll have a chat with you and then they’ll start a relationship.

If the company makes the decision to create and maintain this relationship, it can be used to get more money for the company.

If they decide to stop the relationship, they can simply remove the fake account.

The real user has no idea that he/she is on Facebook.

If someone were to try and create a fake account, they wouldn’t be able to create an account on Facebook unless they already had a Facebook account.

This would make it extremely difficult for the real user to discover that he is not on Facebook and that his or her account was created by the company and not by the user.

Facebook does have a way to see that fake account and block it.

However, Facebook’s way of blocking fake accounts is limited and it only blocks accounts that you know have already been blocked by the Facebook site administrator.

The company doesn’t block fake accounts.

It only blocks those accounts that Facebook knows are linked to the real account.

If a company wants to fake a user and pretend that the user is someone they know, Facebook will ask for a user name and password.

If Facebook wants to block a fake user account, it must also ask for this information from the real owner of the account.

Facebook will also block accounts that appear to belong to the company that created the account, which makes it even more difficult for Facebook to see what the account actually is.

Facebook also blocks accounts when they have a negative reputation or a reputation that is negative.

In fact, Facebook may even block accounts in

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