How to get a TV audition

The BBC is testing out the idea of a new online audition platform called Jyp Entertainment, where contestants would compete for roles in films and TV shows, in an attempt to boost their career prospects. 

The BBC will use the new platform to gauge the interest of aspiring actors. 

It will test whether they have a good social media presence and whether they are a good fit for the show.

Jyp Entertainment will have four phases: Phase 1: Find out how you are doing online with a series of questions.

Phase 2: Ask a series or a particular film or TV show.

Phase 3: See if you can get the part.

Phase 4: Receive an email about a potential audition.

The BBC says the platform will allow its actors to:• Improve their social media and film and TV skills.• Improve the appearance and physical appearance of their faces.• Create an image of themselves that will help them on a professional level.• Get advice from a mentor and learn about their career aspirations.• Meet new people who have similar interests and careers.• Find out if they have talent for acting.

The company hopes that it will encourage aspiring actors to take part in a “life-changing” audition process.

“This is about finding out if you are someone who is a good match for a job, a TV show, or for a role on a TV series,” said Alan Hirschfeld, chief executive of BBC Scotland. 

“If you have a chance to work on a television show, film or film-related project, and if you have an interest in getting your foot in the door, then that is what you will want to do.”

“The first step is to find out if the role is right for you,” he said.

“Then you can work with a professional to make sure that you get the best opportunity for success.”

A number of TV shows have already been put to the test using the Jyp platform, with a number of actors coming forward to give their candid feedback on the platform. 

In a recent documentary about Scottish talent, The Next Doctor, former Doctor Peter Capaldi revealed that his audition took place on Jyp, which was then available to anyone who wanted to participate. 

Capaldi was initially asked if he wanted to be the next Doctor, but said that he had to change his mind and opted for the role of the Doctor from a script by John Nathan-Turner, who would go on to write the next four episodes of Doctor Who.

“The whole audition process is about getting people to look at you and say, ‘Well, if he is this good then I want to work with him,'” said Capaldi. 

Jyp has been designed to encourage those interested in the film and television industry to give it a go, and also to promote the BBC’s role as the platform for the entertainment industry.

“We have the opportunity to give people a better insight into their careers, their passions and their ambitions, and help them make a better choice of career path,” said Peter Hirschstein, chief operating officer at the BBC. 

Image caption Peter Capaldaldi said that the casting process on The Next D Doctor took a “long time” Image copyright PA Image caption Capaldi was given a script written by Johnathan-Turners The company is also hoping that it can help young actors get a foothold in the industry. 

One of its members, comedian James Marsh, said: “We’ve heard it is a very good audition platform for younger actors, and we would like to think that the BBC will be using it to get more young people into acting.”

James Marsh is the co-creator of The Next Doctors, the popular series that has spawned many spin-off shows and a number films. 

Marsh has appeared on Doctor Who since 2010, when the show’s current series returned to air.

He is also the coauthor of the upcoming memoir, Doctor Who: The Best Of My Dad.

“It’s great for a young actor to have the confidence that they can go and say: ‘Well I want this part and I think I can do it, but if I don’t get it I’ll have to change my mind,'” said Marsh. 

James Marsh said that Jyp had helped him to be “stronger, faster, more creative and less judgemental” “I had never thought I would want to be a professional actor,” said Marsh, who is currently in the process of making a documentary about his experiences working on the show, titled Doctor Who, The Best of My Dad: The First Five Years.

“I don’t know that I would have had the confidence and the drive and drive to be an actor if I hadn’t had Jyp.”

If there’s anyone who has the opportunity of working in the entertainment sector it’s James Marsh,” he added. 

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