How to avoid getting audited in Italy

The new system for auditing footballers in Italy will allow for a quick audit for anyone on the playing field, as long as they are a non-transferable player.

This is according to a report by The Football Italy.

The new auditing service, called Seo Audit Service, was launched in October by former Italian Football Federation president Maurizio Quattroporte, and is a result of his efforts to clean up the league’s corruption and abuse.

It is also expected to give the league more transparency than its predecessor, which was run by a group of officials that included the current president, Mauriziotis Jorgo, as well as other high-ranking officials.

The service will be launched by the league, and in its first phase, the players will be able to audit their players for up to 20 days without having to register as a non transferable player in Italy.

The audit service is expected to bring the number of players who are audited down from 20 to five, and the amount of time it takes for them to audit will also decrease.

It is not clear how the new system will be funded, but Quattrocorte said the funds would come from the existing accounts of the league. 

“In this way we can improve our financial condition and our game.

We have always done this because we want to give back to the sport,” he said.”

The revenue that is generated from these audits will be used to help improve the finances of the Serie A clubs.””

It is not a new service.

This is a very efficient service, and it is a good solution,” Quattrogroporto said.

“We have a long-term plan to improve the transparency and control of football in Italy.”

The new auditors are expected to be able audit players for as long a period as possible without registering as non transferables, which is expected in a bid to help the league reduce the amount that is spent on transfers.

In addition to being able to inspect players for a limited time, the new audits will also be able look at players’ contract information and whether they have the right to the player’s salary.

“These auditors will be the eyes of the club, they will check every single detail,” Quidroporti added.

“They will not be used for the transfer of players.

The only purpose will be to give a report on the player.” 

While the auditing will only be available to the top clubs, it is expected that the auditors’ work will be shared across the entire Italian game.

The new audit service has been set up by the new football union, but it is unclear how the system will work in practice, as it will likely be a joint project between the two unions.

The Italian Football Association (FIGC) has yet to comment on the new audit system, and no date has been announced for when the service will launch. 

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