Why we need to know more about this man, Calum Scott, who auditioned for Sarah Paulson

By now you may be familiar with the famous incident of Calum, who appeared in Sarah Pauls’ first film, The Big Short, as the young man who allegedly stole a pair of designer jeans from a designer store.

But for those who have not been paying attention, the story of how Calum came to audition for Sarah is a fascinating tale of ambition, betrayal and a lifetime of personal sacrifice.

But there is much more to this story, including an incredible story of the people who inspired Calum and their personal lives.

Sarah Paul’s father, David Paul, is an author, writer and producer.

He has also played the role of an assistant to the father of the late Stephen Hawking.

David Paul’s wife, Annabel, is the author of the biography Calum: An Autobiography.

Calum’s father was a very successful actor, known for his roles in The King’s Speech and The Thin Red Line, which he appeared in as the son of a wealthy family.

In the 1990s, Calam had become a successful model.

He had appeared in films including One Man Show and the Oscar-nominated documentary You’re The One, and had starred in several TV shows.

He also had a wife, Anna Paulson, who was the actress who played his wife in the famous movie You’re the One.

Calam’s father wanted Calam to make the film, and when Calam refused, he allegedly took out a loan to make a movie about Calam.

When the film was finished, Calame made a cameo in the film and then went to a friend’s house to meet his girlfriend.

Calame’s girlfriend had invited Calam into her bedroom and was surprised to see that he had his hand in her hair, a detail that prompted her to ask Calam if he had been “banging the girl” when he stole the jeans.

Calama told his friend that he was “a thief”.

But he later admitted to being “a bit of a brat” and that he only stole because his girlfriend was “in love”.

His girlfriend, Annabella Paulson and his mother, who he also called his “little father”, were devastated and worried for their son.

When Calam was told of this, he turned to Annabel and said: “You need to be careful.

You need to go to the police.

You’ll ruin my life.”

Annabel responded: “I know, but don’t tell anyone, you can do it.”

Calam said: “‘Don’t tell anybody?’.

I knew I would have to make that phone call.”

So Calam told his mother: “This is going to be a big one, I’ve got to make sure that I do the right thing, or I’m going to ruin my whole life.”

Calum also told his father that he’d heard that Sarah Paul was looking for him.

The next day, he was in the dressing room of his mother’s dressing room, and said to his father: “Sarah’s not going to believe this, but you’re going to go for it.

She’ll believe it.”

At the end of the day, Calama left Sarah’s dressing rooms with his mother in tow.

He was a man of many talents.

He could sing, play the flute, write, play drums and was a good dancer.

He knew how to cook, was a master of bartering, had an extensive knowledge of local customs, had a knack for being a good neighbour, and was extremely smart.

But Calum was also an extremely competitive and competitive man who would often make plans and go on long walks to get away from home.

He would often spend hours and hours with Annabel Paulson who would ask him what he was doing.

Annabel would tell him that she wanted him to meet her girlfriend and her mother.

Calme, however, was not happy.

He said to her: “Why are you going to have to tell your mum what I’m doing?

It’s too bad you don’t want to see her.”

But Annabel could not understand how Calam could have been so determined.

She said: “[You] are so competitive, and you’re such a nice boy, but your mum will see that you’re a thief and she’ll call the police, and I’m not going home to see my mum, you’re the kind of son I wanted.”

After the incident, Calamas mother contacted his father.

She wrote him a letter, which she handed to his mother.

“I’ve seen you go on the street with Annabella.

I’m a little worried for you, but I’m sure you’ll do the best you can,” the letter read.

But the letter was not read by Calam, who did not tell his father of his plan to steal.

Annabeth’s mother did not want Calam in her home, and the couple split up.

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