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The Australian Tax Office has found Kelly Clarkson’s audit to be a ‘fraud’

The Australian tax office has found the singer’s audit was a “fraud” and a “deliberate lie”.

The audit, completed by auditing firm KPMG, was commissioned after the star, whose real name is Kelly Clarkson, accused the government of a “massive tax avoidance scheme” in her latest album.

The audit found the tax office’s tax advice to be “not substantiated” and that Ms Clarkson had not provided enough evidence to support her claim that the tax system is unfair.

The auditors found that the singer “may have breached her fiduciary duties” and had “lied to tax authorities” about the tax advice.

Ms Clarkson said she was “ashamed and embarrassed” by the audit, which was conducted by KPMg, which she described as a “scam”.

“I am ashamed and embarrassed that KPMog, in a sham audit, conducted by a scam firm, commissioned by a fraudster, have conducted an audit on my behalf,” Ms Clarkson told her fans in a statement.

Ms Clarkson was forced to take legal action against KPMGs on Friday after the audit found she had failed to disclose significant information about her finances. “

My audit did not show a failure of care to properly and properly report on the material facts and to appropriately prepare the report, and I did not present the full audit in court to the Tax Tribunal.”

Ms Clarkson was forced to take legal action against KPMGs on Friday after the audit found she had failed to disclose significant information about her finances.

“In the absence of any evidence that Ms. Clarkson had breached her duty to disclose material information to the authorities in the audit report, she was not required to disclose this material information, and therefore was not liable to pay tax,” KPM G said in a notice of claim filed with the Tax Court on Friday.

“The audit findings are not supported by any evidence or any supporting legal reasoning.”

Ms Clifford had claimed that the audit suggested that the government was “running a massive tax avoidance scam”.

KPMOG said it was “appalled” by Ms Clarkson’s “dishonest and baseless claims”.

“Kpmog’s audit did show that Ms [Clarkson] had made a serious allegation that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) was ‘running a huge tax avoidance fraud’ and that she had provided a series of ‘smoking guns’ which the ATO itself was not able to prove, including the information that the ATOS was not paying income tax on,” it said.

“This audit did identify a number of tax avoidance schemes that Ms .

Clarkson had identified in the past and that were not fully investigated.”

The tax office said Ms Clarkson did not provide a full and complete accounting of her finances during the audit and it was unable to verify her claims that the country was paying more than $2 billion in tax in a year.

It said the audit showed that Ms Clark’s claim that “tax avoidance is not allowed under the tax laws” was “a deliberate lie”.

Ms Clarkson and her husband have been under investigation by the Tax Office since October.

The singer is accused of lying about income tax payments to the Australian tax authorities and has said that she made up the tax payments for “money” that she never earned.

The couple’s tax dispute was the subject of an investigation by Australian Federal Police officers.

Ms Clifford’s legal team said the auditors’ findings were not “a serious breach of duty” and said the Australian public “deserves to know what they are paying for”.

“As the public is entitled to know whether or not they are being paid the proper amount of tax, it is important that they also know how much money they are getting,” the spokeswoman said.

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