Disney CEO Bob Iger reveals that the studio will launch new projects in 2019

Disney has begun to announce new projects for 2019, including a new Disney Channel show.

Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Studios and chairman of the Board of Directors for Disney, unveiled that Disney is launching a new show for 2019 called “Star Wars Rebels.”

Iger said the show will be an all-new show, and the first new series of the Disney channel to premiere in 2019.

Iger told reporters at the Los Angeles Times that the show’s first season will be in 2020, and he expects it to premiere sometime in 2021.

“It’s a lot of fun, and I think we’ll have some great new content in that first season,” Iger stated.

He added that he has no plans to announce the new series publicly until at least 2019, which is the deadline for the Disney Channel’s 2017 season.

Iger also discussed his company’s plans for the next few years, and said he will not hold a press conference to announce a new film until 2019.

“I think we need to go out there and really deliver some new content, and not have a lot to announce in the next year or two,” Igers said.

“The next year will be exciting.

I hope we get some really great new stuff.”

Iger noted that Disney has no more projects planned beyond 2019, but added that the company’s slate of movies and TV shows will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve had a fantastic slate of films and television shows in the last year, and we’re going to keep them there for the duration of our lives,” Iersaid.

Igers also indicated that he expects the Disney-owned studios to be able to retain a certain level of control over their studios, something that has been the case for many years.

“They are very comfortable with that, and it’s a very good thing,” Irsaid.

“What they’ve done is really focus on making sure that they have control over what they’re doing and the things they’re working on.”

Igers noted that he will have “a really good relationship” with the studio’s Chairman Bob Igers, which he described as a “great, strong, and supportive” relationship.

Igsaid said that Iger and Igers wife, Cheryl, will be hosting the first-ever Disney-hosted “Celebrate Disney” event for 2019.

The event will take place at the Walt Dennys resort in Anaheim, California, where Iger will be attending.

Igers first press conference as chairman came as the company reported a record quarterly loss.

“Our 2017 results are disappointing, but we have some good things in the pipeline,” Igs said.

IGS also announced a slate of “special projects” for 2019 and 2020.

The “special” projects include a Disney-branded food truck, a new “family entertainment” show called “The Disney Family” that will focus on the Disney Family and will be produced by Disney Channel, and a “family-focused” new Disney channel series.

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