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Why the ‘Bop Auditions’ are such a big deal

From the perspective of a “bop” musician, auditions for the upcoming film “The Kidz Bop” are not only important, they’re a way to make a living and establish yourself as a bona fide “bope” star.

But, for the vast majority of performers, auditing is not as lucrative as it once was.

The Bop Audition is an annual event held on Saturday evenings at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, the largest entertainment facility in the world.

The event attracts some of the world’s best bop singers and performers.

And it’s still a fairly big deal.

In fact, there are more than 40,000 people attending the annual event, which has become so popular that it now attracts celebrities and major Hollywood studios, as well as many local artists.

At the fairgrounds, bop artists and others audition for roles in films such as “A Bug’s Life” and “The Great Gatsby,” which are both starring Will Smith.

“It’s a way of connecting with the audience and making sure that they are connected to the performers,” said John Cappello, director of operations at the Fairgrounds.

“The performers are all coming in from around the world, and we’re all working together.

The artists are also coming in for a reason.

So what’s it like for a bop performer? “

We want to see people that are not necessarily a superstar come and work with us, so that the artist can really bring their talents to the table.”

So what’s it like for a bop performer?

A bop audition can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

There are no specific dates or locations, but it’s usually at the fairground, where the bop musicians get their first look at the talent.

The bop performers are typically given props by their producers and other professionals, and are required to sing along to the music and do choreography to keep the audience entertained.

For the last 30 years, the Fairfield has been hosting the event, but this year the bops are all competing for the right to audition.

Some performers have been auditioning for years, and others are just starting out, said Dave Vavro, who runs the bhop audition program for the Los Angels Bop Foundation, which offers classes for bop dancers and other artists.

“These artists, in fact, have been doing it for decades,” Vavra said.

“They’re very skilled, and they can do a great job.

It’s like being a professional athlete.” “

There are some talented artists out there, and that’s why it’s such a good opportunity for them.

It’s like being a professional athlete.”

Vavrol said he thinks that the bopers’ experience working at the festival is helping to create a stronger bop scene in Los Angeles.

“People really feel comfortable and want to be around these performers,” he said.

And as long as the performers are working with other artists and performing to their strengths, the bope scene in LA is flourishing, Vavrav said.

The Fairgrounds also hosts a bhop camp, called the “Bop Camp,” where performers can get to know each other and practice their craft.

The camp offers workshops on all aspects of bop, including how to get the most out of your audition, what to expect during a scene and how to sing well.

There’s even a chance to meet the bopes themselves, so the performers can talk with them about their journey.

And, if the boping scene is any indication, there’s plenty of room for the performers to get to the top of their game.

The “Bump,” a show that aired on BET this week, is a big hit with bopers.

The show is based on a short video about a boping camp that aired in the 1980s and has been viewed more than 300 million times on YouTube.

According to a BET spokeswoman, the “bump” is “one of the most watched shows on BET, averaging more than 1 million views per episode.”

The show’s creators, Robyn Williams and Scott Burchfield, are in the process of creating a second season, with plans to bring it to other networks.

Williams said the goal is to create more original bop shows, which she said will be a bigger draw than the one they just produced.

Williams is also the creator of “The Bop Sessions,” a series that has been on BET since 1997.

Williams and Burch, who have a combined 25 years of experience as bop producers, said the show is a reflection of the fact that bop is not a “just for boys” genre.

“What we have created here is a show where girls are in control and they are singing and dancing to the beat of their own drum,” Williams said.

But there are some differences between the bp scenes in LA and those in New York

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