How a new technology can change the way we do forensic audits

When the FBI released a new tool last year that allows law enforcement to remotely view a person’s cellphone, the agency quickly began to receive calls from the technology companies, which were eager to provide more forensic analytics.

The FBI is using a new program called the Forensic Analytics Center (FAC) to help law enforcement across the country.

The FAC was created by the FBI and other agencies in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The bureau plans to expand the program by using it to help with forensic audits, which are used to investigate crimes.

The program is currently limited to law enforcement, but it’s looking to expand it to other agencies.

The goal is to enable law enforcement officials to use the FAC to better analyze evidence from crime scenes and other evidence repositories.

The software will be used to examine the physical characteristics of items in evidence rooms, which can include the number of items present, their location, and their placement in a room.

For example, if someone is sitting in a cell phone in a particular room, the FAC will analyze what’s going on inside the cell phone and what the phone looks like.

In the past, the FBI has used similar tools to conduct forensic audits on phones in crime scenes.

The agency has also been using the FAC for audits of computers in storage rooms and the forensic analysts who use them.

In some cases, it’s also used to look at cellphones used in other cases.

In fact, the program is being expanded by the Department of Justice and the FBI, which is asking companies to use it in the future.

In a statement to Next Big News, the bureau said that “the FAC can provide valuable forensic analytics on physical characteristics and the physical location of items within evidence rooms to better understand the actions of the perpetrators of the crimes.”

The FAC also will be able to examine information that the FBI collects on people who use the same cellphones in different cases.

The tool is currently used to analyze information from people who are interviewed in different locations.

The analysis will be conducted in real time.

The technology is used to compare cellphones that are used in different crimes and to compare them with cellphones on the same device in a case.

The investigators can then compare the cellphones’ locations and physical characteristics.

The analysts will use the information to pinpoint the location of a suspect.

The new FAC tool is also being used to help investigators investigate the murder of a woman named Elizabeth Ann.

Elizabeth Ann was killed in 2015.

Authorities have determined that she was killed during a robbery that took place in March 2015.

A photo of Elizabeth Ann’s phone was found in Elizabeth Ann, who was killed.

(Courtesy: The Arizona Republic) The FAC will also be used for auditing evidence in other types of cases.

For instance, the tool can be used in cases where people are arrested and accused of crimes and are found guilty.

The government also wants to use this technology to help determine whether people are the same person as a suspect or whether they were involved in a different crime.

The tools also could help in other kinds of investigations, such as to determine if someone has a mental illness and to identify someone who is at risk of developing it.

It could also be applied to people who have suffered a mental health crisis, such to people in prison, the statement said.

The tech is being developed by a partnership between the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services and the National Institute of Justice, and is currently being tested in some of the nation’s largest and most crime-ridden jails.

For now, the technology is only being used for crime scenes, but the FBI is working with other agencies to expand its use to other locations.

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